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Spanish Lessons in the Portland-Vancouver Area
On line or in person

Are you thinking of learning Spanish?

Do you want to improve your Spanish skills?


Taking one-on-one Spanish lessons is the best way to reach your goal!

Becoming fluent in Spanish requires working on grammar, listening, reading, and conversation skills.  Working one-on-one with a tutor will make this process faster, smoother, and fun.  You will be supported in these four areas while working at your own pace.

Your Path to Fluency

Learning from a native speaker who is fluent in English will help you understand Spanish grammar concepts by comparing and contrasting them with English.  At the same time, you will practice speaking and listening to Spanish as it is spoken by a native speaker.  English will be a supporting tool until it is no longer needed and the entire session is conducted in Spanish.


Each Person's Journey is Unique

You will have my undivided attention and we will structure our sessions to address your needs and goals.  I will help you target the skills you need the most at any given time, while you are having fun learning the intricacies of a second language.



- Aly



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 Phone : 503-545-1718

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