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What a creative story! The author is a second grader in the Spanish Immersion Program. It is delightful to see how he is becoming a stronger writer. Here is one of his stories:

Mandi, the little elephant that wanted to fly

Mandi wanted to fly because she wanted to see different places. One day, Mandy tried to fly and the other elephants told her: "You can't fly". After trying, trying, and trying, she saw a plane and had an idea. She run a lot and and found an airport. She climbed to the back of the plane and flew.

The end.

Definitely, the elephant found a way to make her dream come true. "Querer is poder", it doesn't translate literally, but means: Where there is a will there is a way.

And here we are playing Spot it. We have so much fun together!

Un estudiante mío, un niño muy creativo, creó este cuento en estilo de crucigrama. ¿Puedes leerlo?

El hombre loco se cayó de las escaleras cuando estaba bailando con un perro y su llama encima de un tigre rabioso.

¿Puedes hacer un cuento parecido?

Es un placer para mí un placer, como tutora de español, compartir información que espero sea útil y divertida. MIentras más nos riamos, mejor.



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